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Somewhere between sanity and madness lies a realm torn between the two. Illusions become reality, and reality becomes nothing more than a vision.

HUMAN is a short psychological horror game which examines inherent, earthly, and otherworldly evils, and the forces which drive them. As you make your way through an Alaskan auroral research facility in search of employees it quickly becomes very clear that something has become alerted to your presence. Suspiciously, once it knows you're there, you're more than welcome to be there. Drawing you in, you soon begin to question all you see and hear.

HUMAN is highly metaphorical, yet accessible. All is explained in its simplest essence, but for those willing to look beyond the surface, there lies layer upon layer of symbolism, and clues regarding the nature of reality, which add depth to the meaning behind HUMAN.

HUMAN is primarily story and experience driven, however environmental puzzles and problem solving are interlaced within.


W, A, S, D - Movement

Right Mouse Button - Zoom In/Out (Useful for reading tablet screens and papers)

F - Flashlight

E - Interact

Shift - Run

I am a one-man development team. Everything in HUMAN was programmed, modeled, textured, animated, and composed by me.

Release date Oct 09, 2016
TagsHorror, Mystery, psychological
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Human Windows 64-bit 254 MB
Human Windows 32-bit 227 MB


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Nicely done, the build up is pretty well executed. Made a video just a few hours ago (in german):

Fun little game, and definitely creepy!  Did a play through for my YouTube Channel, and it was a lot of fun!

This game was so awesome! I had a great time playing it, the tension and gameplay worked so well together.

This is insanely good. Great story, awesome buildup of tension, a few good jump scares. I loved this! Here's my playthrough:

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Pile of crap, like almost all indie horrors. No gameplay at all. Just walk around, read stupid letters, like always. Graphics nice, but levels are empty. Nothing to see here.


Hey everyone, 

This was a awesome experience! Very well made and really creepy atmosphere! 

I've recorded my gameplay and made a video, which can be found here :

Please enjoy! If you did then please consider subscribing to the channel because i am trying to reach 300 subscribers! 

Thank you very much.


 Youtube : LetsplaywithPerry 

Very well made, love the ideas behind this, a 2nd set of footsteps got me good

That was a cool game. Like others have posted, was not expecting the ending. Thought it would have been something alien. Nice job.


Played this and wasnt expecting it to turn out the way it did, i was expecting monsters

I played this a long time ago, figured it was a good time to revisit it :) 

Definitely not what I had in mind at all when it came to the ending, I was completely wrong. This game was quite the unique experience. Here is my playthrough if you're interested.


While I did enjoy playing this , and especially appreciate the initial setup as well as the overall environments (and even the idea of leaving logs on tablets as opposed to old notes or tapes or the like - interesting choice!) I have to admit HUMAN never really became my type of scare.

I think I get what you were going for, but this brand of disorientating mindscrewery really just amounts to the game's version of "scary " being "the player is lost for ten minutes", which I can't personally say I find either fun or frightening as opposed to simply a bit irritating.

Still, the story itself, the envorinments and the overall experience was super positive, so good work!

This was a really good game. No bugs that I could see, which is so refreshing. Super spooky never thought I would be paranoid of something I personally work with day in and day out. <3 Zombikittie

That was incredible! Really spooked me sometimes. Very entertaining. I loved the atmosphere. The only real complaint I have is that at times, the music sounded more like someone was playing music within the game instead of the music being part of the game's soundtrack.

That was an awesome experience! Great pacing, sounds and conclusion! Thank you for creating this game! (playthrough in polish language)

THANKS FOR MAKING THE GAME. I ENDED UP HAVING BEEF WITH THE DEMON and idk why i decided to write all that in caps but thanks :)

Been seeing this game pop up every now and again so thought I would give it a play, Really immersive story, and the game flows amazingly well 🙂

This game was so much fun to play, creepy vibes yet entertaining! 

(sorry for calling you English trash in the vid, it's meant as a joke. <3)

Thank you for creating Humxn, it was amazing!

I'm in love with this game. Please also check mine out here. https://taintedgames.itch.io/ash-asylum

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played this game not realizing markiplier had played it but i forgot most of it! screamed so much  my throat hurt for a week

Not bad at all! I liked this, although it was very short, I could have imagined at least twice as much wandering around the facility - underground corridors and chambers perhaps? Or even better, out of reality ones that deny all logic and intelligence?

Still, cool! Thanks!

My take on the game!

Hi, Thanks for making this game, I played it a while back, here is the video


such an amazing game, i'm really happy to be able to play it. such a beautiful mix between physiological, puzzling and stunning Audio, which made me freak out multiple times! 

i hope you enjoy this video as much as i did playing it  

The game has a really good atmosphere. We enjoyed it very much.

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Keep up the good work!!!
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Buena discusión, buen miedo, buenos gráficos, buen juego!


Hey everyone! Today I had the pleasure of playing Human or Whoman as I believe it should be pronounced. Overall I thought this was a wonderfully tantalizing experience that captures a man's decent into madness and beyond. Because I enjoyed this game so much I edited into a video with two other games that I enjoyed, check it out! Also, it is a brand new channel that I created and because I am new to this I appreciate any feedback. If you enjoy the content be sure to like and or subscribe! Thanks everyone and happy gaming! -- Chlazy

really good id love to see this as full game. It was very spooky didnt see the ending coming haha

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im waiting for the sequel

The atmosphere was awesome just wish there had been something to actually make me feel like I was in danger.

Made a video playing this game a few months ago, and I absolutely loved it. One of the best psychological horror games I played, and I legitimately got scared from it and it's pretty hard to scare me, so good work!

It's a pretty cool game, made me panic a bit at times which horror games rarely do to me

The trailer is really cool! If you want help with music or sounds I can give a hand ;)

Human, I at first thought it was about human test subjects, like something similar to the walrider in outlast, but it had nothing to do with human experimentation, BUT I see you were green lighted about the new version of this 'Human Subjects' and I can't wait to see what you do and where you go with it! That is a topic that is completely free, you can choose to do whatever you want with it and that's what I think is so great about that horror topic. As for this game I thought the atmosphere was AMAZING! You really have the creepy factor down and I can appreciate that there's not cheep jump scares, it feels like environment is feeding off of your fear and not many games have that factor anymore, I thought it was extremely well done. I thought everything was done great, between all the "glitching" or switching between realities, it felt like everything happened at the right times and it all flowed beautifully. The graphics were beautiful and the sounds added to the fear factor of the environment. The only thing I didn't care for *SPOILERS* was the ending, I really wanted there to be something more creative than just putting the devil at the end of all this, I feel like that's almost an easy way out and a bit callable, to me it felt like, oh what's evil, the devil. But creating something of your own is something else with no limit, you decide what it can and can not do, it could change the story and what he sees drastically and i'd love to see you create something from all of this experimenting in the lab. *SPOILERS* But I do look forward to see what you will do with the human subjects game and all the improvements and changes you'll be making. I plan on purchasing and playing once it comes out! 

Great game! I loved the story line and the jump scares had me good.

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This game is beautiful. The atmosphere had me on edge the whole time. The story was very well done. I just love how the whole thing was handled. Just. Beautiful.

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This game had creepy vibes and some jumpscares. If you want to be entertained while being scared then check out our funny moments on this game: 

I totally loved this game. It wasn't what I expected at all. Good job. I hope others enjoy it as much as I did. I did a video for it. I Hope you all enjoy my replay of this game. Once again. Well done. 

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