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Somewhere between sanity and madness lies a realm torn between the two. Illusions become reality, and reality becomes nothing more than a vision.

HUMAN is a short psychological horror game which examines inherent, earthly, and otherworldly evils, and the forces which drive them. As you make your way through an Alaskan auroral research facility in search of employees it quickly becomes very clear that something has become alerted to your presence. Suspiciously, once it knows you're there, you're more than welcome to be there. Drawing you in, you soon begin to question all you see and hear.

HUMAN is highly metaphorical, yet accessible. All is explained in its simplest essence, but for those willing to look beyond the surface, there lies layer upon layer of symbolism, and clues regarding the nature of reality, which add depth to the meaning behind HUMAN.

HUMAN is primarily story and experience driven, however environmental puzzles and problem solving are interlaced within.


W, A, S, D - Movement

Right Mouse Button - Zoom In/Out (Useful for reading tablet screens and papers)

F - Flashlight

E - Interact

Shift - Run

I am a one-man development team. Everything in HUMAN was programmed, modeled, textured, animated, and composed by me.

Published Oct 09, 2016
Release date Oct 09, 2016
TagsHorror, Mystery, psychological
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Human Windows 64-bit 254 MB
Human Windows 32-bit 227 MB


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This game had creepy vibes and some jumpscares. If you want to be entertained while being scared then check out our funny moments on this game: 

I totally loved this game. It wasn't what I expected at all. Good job. I hope others enjoy it as much as I did. I did a video for it. I Hope you all enjoy my replay of this game. Once again. Well done. 

https://vid.me/ORYhJ Made a video playing this game yesterday, and I absolutely loved it. One of the best psychological horror games I played, and I legitimately got scared from it and it's pretty hard to scare me, so good work!  

Great game! Really impressed with the visuals and the ambience. Excited for the sequel!

I'm really excited for the sequel! This game is very well made and I loved it!! Here's how my experience went!

This game... Just... WOW. It was really great, to put it in simple terms. Very unexpected. This game has made our viewers want more scary games, so I suppose the reactions are well enough. It had a very eery feel throughout the time playing it. Here's our video of our playthrough!

My first youtube video, I played a game about clowns. As much as I hate clowns, this was the first game to actually make me turn and run. Pressed on because I had to finish, but yeah. Great sense of terror.

Let me tell you, this scared one of us beyond a comfortable level, while the other one was calm and collected. We made a video of us playing it, which is well worth it. We were rolling while editing it. The game was really fun; there was so much suspense leading up to the end.

Really good game, nice references scatter around that makes you question yourself. I think the end could be a bit better.

Any news on the Steam Greenlight / Early Access?

Keep up the good work!

Hola amigos, This game was a really, really good game and I can't wait for the next instalment.

Nicely done.

Your work is incredible. I'm a brazilian graduated game developer and as you can see a alone developer in UNITY3D platform.

But what's your focusing now(in priority i.e.: my favorite development phase is in coding the shaders of water of my game and coding the float boatship physics).

Can you please share your comment in my first game? the link is below and run in HTML5 WEBGL:


Looks great, get back to me on Tim@playsource.co for further feature.

good game

Pooped myself a couple of times but man was this fun!

한국인 이라 한글로 씁니다.


직접적으로 무서운 장면이 없어서 무서운 것에 내성이 없으신 분들이 하기에 딱인것 같네요.

You actually did a really great job here!Loved the idea of all that extraterrestrial satanic frequency invasion and of course i'm waiting for more!! Here is my Let's Play: IS THIS REAL?? | Human https://youtu.be/a1S85t0IBgM

Very fun game, made a video of it a while agho if you'd like to check it out! hope to see more soon :)

Made a video for My channel. I enjoyed the game a lot. A very good game with a hugely creepy atmosphere.

Make it to where it takes up less space on your computer. Otherwise great game !

Awesome and wellmade horror game! Good job! It was alot of fun :)

Am I imagining things or were there footsteps following me for a while in the game?

Hey Spektraul made two videos on this game. I really loved it even though I may sound other wise. Just wanted to say cool game. I only wise that there was more to it After all, it is pretty short but I understand time restraints and such. Keep making more and check out these videos.

This game scared the living shit out of me........wish this was made into a bigger project!

REALLY good game!!! Honestly scared the living crap outta me while playing!! If I were you, I'd be super proud of that, because normally it takes A LOT to scare me. A LOT! Yet you managed to pull that off!! But I had fun playing, and screaming, and choking on my spit from inhaling lots of air from a jumpscare. (and I accidentally had my computer on full volume when I started. Hehe...whoops.)

Hey I was really intrigued by this game and had quite a bit of fun.


I play a bunch of indie games so check it out :)

HUMAN is like good horror movie. I wish it could be more and more... My gameplay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5TvgTVK_Xw


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I suck so hard at horror games! The thing that gets to me the most is the atmosphere and by god, did you create one hell of an atmosphere! Nice job!


Loved this game so much! Hope to see more from you :D

I loved this quick little game, gunna follow you for future stuff!

For a one-person-development, it's really top notch! It was paced pretty well, but I thought the story relied a little too much on "well, you decide what it means!" since it ultimately really does nothing but present questions to you along with 'answers' that really are just more questions. But other than that, I thought a lot of the events were really cool and I thought how it teleported you around the map in a glitch-like manner was really effective. Kudos, sir or lady!

Here is my vid, check me out if you're looking for something new, my commentary is pop-up style (like VH1 pop-up videos kinda!) Cheers!

Cool game cant wait for your next game your master of spooky games

many thanks for such a great game

enjoy the gameplay :)

I'm usually not big into horror games, especially those that abuse jump scares and monsters constantly tailing you. I'm more into atmospheric horror, borderline mindfucks.

Thankfully, Human falls within the latter.

From the word go, you know some serious shit's gone down. It's not the scariest game ever, but it does its job by keeping the atmosphere dark and tense. What lies around the next corner? The further you go, the more tense it gets.

I do think it dials it in a bit early right before the end, dropping the climax a little too soon. However, the ending isn't disappointing.

Overall, it's a great experience. It has one simple goal and it achieves it well, even despite my only criticism. Very well done!

*Rawr* Hello everyone! I gave the game a try and a Let's Play - I liked that it was optimized, unlike many others that seem to enjoy overheating my CPU and throttling it to 100% - and that it was nice and smooth gameplay, simple and not buggy at all - Though I do question the story, which I won't spoil but I leave a lengthy talk about my thoughts in my video. Enjoy XD

I really enjoyed the game. I liked the fact that the game not really relayed that much on jump-scares.But i was constant waiting for the jump scares tho ha ha so job well done on having me on the edge on my seat the whole time ha ha!
i highly recommend this game to everyone that likes scary games !!!

If you are interested in my game-play and commentary here you go !

How do I post my video on here??

When will we learn our lesson and stop researching things in the Alaskan wilderness?

Very suspenseful and creepy. Got my blood pumping quite a bit. Did a video too!

Really enjoyed this one!! Great visuals, dialogue that sends chill down your spine and some scares in your face. A must try for everybody out there!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

This was a great experience! Short and sweet! I ended up wanting more and more, the ambiance, it had me tense the whole time! Great job ! I honesly would love to see this as a whole game. And would love to try any other projects you make in the future! Consider me, overly satisfied and wanting more! P. S. Will upload a video about it soon!

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